Djurgården is pushing for better integration

At the end of 2017, representatives from Sweden’s hospitality industry gathered at Djurgården. They came to participate in the fourth edition of Scandinavia’s Green Tourism Camp, a so-called BarCamp for sustainable tourism development. The Royal Djurgården Society – including several representatives from our attractions – organised the event together with the Green Meeting Industry Council. At the end of the event, the participants signed an appeal for better integration. It goes without saying that Djurgården is a driving force in the call for better integration. Our mission is always for an open and welcoming Djurgården.

How can the hospitality industry lead the way?

The event’s theme was about how the hospitality industry can lead the way for better integration. The UN wants the parties in our industry to work together; they want tourism to be a catalyst for positive change. This was the starting point for the event and a challenge we took on. We had the opportunity to talk about Djurgården and our sustainability work.

Call for better integration and sustainable development

The outcome of the event was a call for better integration. The text was published in Aktuell Hållbarhet, Norran Östra Småland and several newspapers. And we didn’t have to wait long for the result. In April 2018, the Swedish Public Employment Service invited those of us behind the appeal to take the issue further. Today, for example, Gröna Lund has its own restaurant school in collaboration with the agency.

The appeal was about the hospitality industry wanting to take greater responsibility for integration (10.7)

Its aim is to promote positive and sustainable tourism (8.9)

The hospitality industry came together and wrote a joint appeal (17.17)