Stockholm Chamber of Commerce wants better public transport options for Djurgården

Public transport is one of our key focus areas at Djurgården. And it does present something of a challenge; more and more people visit us, yet the public transport system can’t really keep up. And at a place like Djurgården, it should be the other way around. However, better public transport options aren’t enough; what we need is better infrastructure. We currently rely heavily on the narrow Djurgården bridge, which simply isn’t sufficient. It is a hindrance to public transport in general, and for us it is an important issue that we have been pushing to resolve for several years and still do today.

In 2018, the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce addressed our demands in a report, highlighting the need for better public transport options for Djurgården. We obviously welcomed the initiative and approved all the points raised. This was the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce’s proposal for Djurgården:

Offer more routes and request stops on the Djurgården ferry

Speed up the planning process for an additional pedestrian and bicycle bridge to Djurgården

Fix any issues with the Djurgården bridge

Increase the number of night bus services at Djurgården

Increase the number of bus services stopping at the Museum Park, to make it easier for visiting school classes and pre-school groups

Introduce smaller, driverless electric buses or another form of electric shuttle service at Djurgården

Improve Djurgården’s visibility with signs for Djurgården at the start of tram line 7 (T-centralen)

The report highlights the need to make sustainable public transport accessible to all (11.2)