Gröna Lund 2024

A vision based on history

Gröna Lund has been entertaining Stockholmers for generations, ever since it opened its gates at Djurgården on 3rd August 1883. Tivoli is actually one of the oldest amusement parks in the world, and has been something of an institution in Stockholm for over 138 years. There aren’t many places that have entertained so many generations as Gröna Lund.

A love story

Across the road from the amusement park, there is a car park belonging to Gröna Lund. Once upon a time, from 1924-1957, this was the home of another amusement park called Nöjesfältet. However, when the competing amusement park directors’ children fell in love and got married, the two amusement parks also joined together. Now, the plan is to build a pleasure ground where the old amusement park used to be. This is so that we can continue to entertain children and adults for many generations to come. Our hope is to be able to get started in 2024. This will be exactly one hundred years after Nöjesfältet first opened its gates in the same spot.

Transforming a car park into a green pleasure ground; creating a beach promenade that is accessible to all; a new neighbourhood that maintains Djurgården’s character. These projects fulfil our joint vision for a car- and fossil-free Djurgården.

Respecting our surroundings

We want to combine games, restaurants, ice cream stands, trees and greenery with both nerve-wracking and child-friendly attractions. There are several important guidelines in the detailed plan, which outline the aim of creating a varied amusement park area in harmony with its surroundings. Greenery is important for many reasons. At least 25% of the ground and roof surfaces must feature trees and vegetation. The area closest to the water should have a park-like feel, where we plant new trees and shed-like houses sit sparsely behind the trees. This will form a green front facing Saltsjön and the beach promenade.

A beach promenade accessible to all

Being able to take a walk along the water in the city is a wonderful experience that Stockholmers and visitors are fortunate enough to already be able to enjoy. Therefore, one of our priorities is making sure that all of Djurgården’s visitors can access the promenade. This includes the area outside the new pleasure ground area.

We want to build a wide and inviting walkway above the water. It will stretch all the way to the pleasure ground area. This will ensure that visitors can walk from Djurgårdsbron (Djurgården bridge) to the Allmänna Gränd ferry port.

A new neighbourhood with Djurgården character

The new buildings will take inspiration from the historical buildings in and around the area. Out towards Falkenbergsgatan we are hoping to bring the street to life with cafés and shops that will be open all year round. The walkway over to Allmänna Grand will connect the existing Gröna Lund area with the new.

Illustration tänkt gångstråk längs med vattnet, Gröna Lund 2024
Illustration of the promenade along the water as part of Gröna Lund 2024
Illustration av Allmänna gränd Gröna Lund 2024
Illustration of pedestrian bridge over Almänna Gränd, Gröna Lund 2024

The project contains many parts and can contribute to:

Gröna Lund’s expansion will create safe and inclusive green areas for all (11.7)

The expansion of Gröna Lund contributes to sustainable economic growth and provides work opportunities for young people (8.1,6)