Gröna Lund receives ‘Best HR team of the year’ award

Gröna Lund employs approximately 1,500 people every year. Many of them are young people taking their first steps into the working world. This means it is arguably even more important for the employer to be flexible, innovative and responsive. And Gröna Lund’s HR team won the ‘Best HR team of the year’ award in 2020 for exactly that reason. Now the award-winning team is in full swing recruiting new employees for summer 2021!

The award for “Best HR Team of the Year” was presented at the Human Growth Awards in Stockholm. The prize is awarded by Wise Group, where for 2020 they had 37 nominated entries to consider. And it was a proud and happy HR department from Gröna Lund who went up on stage at Rival to receive the award.

Happy and proud employees

“We are so incredibly happy and proud to have received this award. For us, it is important that everyone always feels welcome, whether they are a guest or an employee. Our goal is to be an inclusive workplace where everyone feels involved and is able to develop. This award only encourages us to do an even better job”, says Ida Troive, Head of HR at Gröna Lund.

An award to inspire others

“With the award, we want to highlight the most innovative HR teams in Sweden and inspire others by sharing their initiatives. We recognise the Gröna Lund HR team’s playful, norm-challenging, business-conscious and inspiring approach. They make employees’ dreams come true, even when this is often their first job. In addition, they show their employees how they can develop in their careers with the right attitude and drive”, says Nathalie Berthelius, Head of HR and Culture at Wise Group.

Congratulations to Gröna Lund from all of us here at Djurgården!

Gröna Lund’s HR team promotes youth employment, education and internship opportunities as part of sustainable tourism (8.6.9)