Gröna Lund opens culinary school

Gröna Lund started a fantastic initiative in 2019 and opened a new culinary school. Gröna Lund wasn’t able to open at all in 2020, but now it’s full steam ahead as they prepare for the upcoming season! We hope that we will have the chance to enjoy food from the culinary school at Gröna Lund this summer.

Every January, Gröna Lund’s summer season recruitment process begins, in anticipation of the park’s 1.6 million guests. Anyone and everyone is welcome to apply; the Tivoli group have been working on various diversity projects for several years now. The motto is: ‘Everyone is equally welcome – always’, and it applies to both employees and guests. And now Gröna Lund is taking another step forward, by starting a culinary school for people who have recently arrived in Sweden.

A culinary school: a diversity project

The culinary school is a part of Gröna Lund’s diversity projects with the Swedish Public Employment Service. They aim to help disadvantaged young people as well as those who are new to Sweden. The hospitality industry suffers from a big shortage of trained restaurant staff. Simultaneously, it’s often difficult for newbies to find work when they first come to Sweden. This is why Gröna Lund opened the culinary school. They began by offering 30 places on the three-month training programme with Gröna Lund’s restaurant staff. Once the participants have finished the training, they are able to continue working at Gröna Lund’s restaurants or go on to apply at restaurants elsewhere. The training programme has already started and is now in full swing!

A win-win

“It’s no secret that the hospitality industry is in need of restaurant staff; be it chefs, kitchen assistants or waiting staff. In addition, we saw this as an opportunity to help those who have recently arrived in Sweden to get their foot in the door in the jobs’ market, so it’s a win-win in our eyes”, says the Head Chef at Gröna Lund, Samuel Cabrera.

The culinary school promotes sustainable tourism and creates jobs (8.9)

It increases the number of youths and adults who have relevant skills for employment (4.4)

The culinary school promotes the social, economic and political inclusion of all (10.2)

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