Electric taxis have priority at Djurgården

About 15 million people visit Djurgården each year, which is more than the Great Wall of China. Therefore, it is important that everyone can get here in a sustainable way. Many of our visitors already travel here by environmentally-friendly means, such as trams or bicycles. But some also take taxis. Since 2019, Royal Djurgården has been working with Zero Zone to give priority to electric taxis at Djurgården.

Our vision is for a car-free Djurgården

Our partnership with Zero Zone means that electric taxis will be sent to pick up visitors who choose a taxi as a means of getting here. When someone orders a taxi to Djurgården, the aim will be for an electric taxi to pick them up.

“Our vision is for a car-free Djurgården. But if we can try and make sure that the transport that brings our visitors to us is cleaner and quieter, that’s a positive step forward”, says Camilla Zedendahl, CEO for the Royal Djurgården Society.

Djurgården has more visitors each year than there are residents in Sweden. When the attractions at Scandinavia’s #1 attraction join forces, it sends a clear sign to the taxi industry that we want change.

“It is fantastic that Djurgården is aiming to become a ‘Zero Zone’. It means we can send a clear sign to the taxi industry that people want quieter and more environmentally-friendly transport options. And that change needs to come quicker than it is currently”, says Susanna Hurtig from Vattenfall and Zero Zone.

Green transformation of the taxi industry

The fact that so many attractions in one area, like Djurgården, have joined Zero Zone, is encouraging for the green transition of the taxi industry. However, Zero Zone’s goal is “Quiet and clean traffic now”.

“The taxi is – in addition to public transport – a key part of helping Sweden to become the world’s first fossil-free nation”, says Martin Prieto Beaulieu, board member of Zero Zone and Operations Manager at the Swedish Association of Green Motorists.

Quiet and green transport, with priority for electric taxis

Zero Zone wants to change the taxi industry from fossil cars to electric cars. Today, there are about 200 electric taxis in Sweden. Zero Zone is a non-profit organisation founded by Vattenfall, IBM, ABB, Gröna Bilister and Sustainable Innovation. Its aim is to provide employees with sustainable transport alternatives that reduce emissions and noise in cities.

There are lots of us doing our part and making a difference

The attractions at Djurgården that have joined Zero Zone so far are: ABBA The Museum, Cirkus, CoffeeCow, Gröna Lund, Hasselbacken, Junibacken, Nordiska museet, Oaxen Krog & Slip, Pop House, Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde, Rosendal’s Garden, the Maritime Museum, Skansen, the Museum of Spirits, the Thiel Gallery, Tekniska museet, Villa Godthem and the Vasa Museum.

By prioritising electric cars, this reduces the city’s environmental impact (11.6)

Djurgården has a partnership with Zero Zone (17.17)

Electric cars reduce CO2 emissions (13.2)