Gröna Lund Sustainable Brand Index

At Gröna Lund, they not only focus on creating experiences that will make you laugh and give you butterflies, but they also work hard to make your experience as sustainable as possible. This is particularly important as approximately 1.5 million guests visit the park each year.

It is important for Gröna Lund to keep people updated on their sustainability work. This is partly so that guests can feel assured that they are acting sustainably. But also because they want to inspire others to do the same. The world is in serious need of good examples of how companies are taking a more sustainable approach to their operations. And this applies to the hospitality industry, too, of course.

We’d therefore like to congratulate Gröna Lund for showing their commitment to social and environmental sustainability on numerous occasions. So much so that the amusement park has been featured in Sweden’s Sustainable Brand Index 2021 in the tourism category.

Sustainable Brand Index is an independent brand study. It measures and analyses how Swedish consumers perceive the social and environmental sustainability work done by different brands.

The full list can be found here:

Clear communication about sustainability work can inspire and educate people on how to act sustainably (12.8)

Communicating clearly about sustainability work can help economic growth (8.1)