The Museum of Spirits showcases the future of food

It probably won’t come as a surprise that we are very interested in history here at Djurgården. However, we are actually just as interested in the future. The Museum of Spirits’ 2019 exhibition, ‘The Food and Drink of the Future’, addressed the future and the importance of a sustainable food culture in an excellent way. If the question is important, we want to be a part of the conversation. And we think that the question of a sustainable food culture is always important.

Insect burgers and lab milk: the food of the future?

What will our eating habits look like in the future? Will we drinking lab milk and living off insect burgers? In 2019, the Museum of Spirits entered into the discussion with their exhibition on the food and drink of the future. It focused on health trends, future visions and climate-smart food.

Although several years have passed since frozen food and fast food got their breakthrough here in Sweden, fast food is still a popular choice for many people today. Simultaneously, we have never been as food conscious as we are today. On social media we often see colourful, edited and beautiful photographs of other people’s meals. Slowly but surely, food and its culture are being strongly associated with both human identity and lifestyle.

What will we eat 2050? Here are some voices from the exhibition:

History, trends and the future

In addition to discussions surrounding fast food and taking photos of our food, there is also plenty of talk on climate change. Lots of people believe that we need to take greater responsibility for how we produce food and drink. For the sake of the environment, but also for our health.

The exhibition focused on a sustainable food culture (12.8)