Working together with sustainability at the forefront

Here at Djurgården, we want to be involved in solving today’s challenges. At our attractions and through our activities and exhibitions, we inspire and educate millions of visitors every year. In furthering our sustainability work, we aim to strengthen all the work that everyone here at Royal Djurgården already does. However, we need to think beyond just our own actions; we need to work with others. We hope that by working with other organisations, it will challenge us to take new and bigger steps forward when it comes to sustainable development.

Acting more sustainably

Our sustainability work has taken place in several stages. The first step was to analyse what we’d done so far and what we were currently doing, to see what we could do to act even more sustainably. With that as a base, we began taking further steps from March 2018.

Working together

The next step was to improve how we work together. Through working together and sharing our knowledge with one another, we are inspiring each other to strengthen our sustainability work and contribute to a positive social development. Our ambition is to act in such a way that we can also inspire others around us to think and act sustainably. We put together a core team who work together to develop strategies and then present them to our stakeholders.

Working with others

We know that we aren’t alone in the world. If we are to succeed in our sustainability work, we need to join together with other organisations and find new ways to do things better. And why not work with the best?
It’s amazing that we’ve been given the opportunity to work with the 2030 Agenda, Fossilfritt Sverige, Håll Sverige Rent, Rena Botten, Hållbara Restauranger and Stockholm LGBT. Through these collaborations, we have access to fresh inspiration and new expertise.

We want to lead the development

Our ultimate goal is to lead the development. Sustainability is a key part of our identity, and we want it to be something that draws people to Stockholm, Sweden and Scandinavia’s #1 attraction. We want to be a role model for others and be at the forefront. The work started in 2018 and our target is 2022.

Royal Djurgården works with other organisations to build a sustainable society (17.17)

Our target is for a fossil-free Djurgården (13.2)

Royal Djurgården’s sustainability work contributes towards a sustainable Stockholm (11.4)