Hasselbacken: the vision of the future

Hasselbacken was once Stockholm’s cultural and entertainment hub. It first put its name on the Stockholm restaurant map in the 1760s. It was one of the city’s most frequented entertainment spots through Bellman’s days and up until the 1970s. It’s fair to say that Hasselbacken has taken centre stage in Stockholm’s entertainment scene and food scene, particularly with its restaurant school that ran from 1947 to 1969.

Recreating the glory days

“We want to re-create Hasselbacken’s glory days so that Djurgården can be Stockholm’s cultural and culinary hub once more. To do so, we are reconstructing and developing Hasselbacken and restoring its historical features. We are also building more hotel rooms, restaurants, bars and cafés together with a range of world-class entertainment and leisure facilities”, says Daniel Christensen, CEO of 3E Entertainment.

Respecting the surroundings

“We want the design to be in harmony with the park and the wealth of experiences it has always had to offer”, says Lene Tranberg from Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter.

“Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter’s proposal felt right from the start. They designed it with Djurgården and Hasselbacken’s surroundings and cultural and historical values ​​in mind. The proposal also draws inspiration from Djurgården’s distinctive architectural tradition; the design respects the natural surroundings and fits in with the park environment”, says Daniel Christensen, CEO of 3EE.

Everyone’s voices will be heard

The proposal was put together in autumn 2020 and an environmental impact assessment was also carried out. The general public and relevant bodies have also been consulted during the consultation for the Hasselbacken project: ‘Vision Hasselbacken’. This is due to conclude at the beginning of May 2021. Based on the feedback received, they may make adjustments to the project. Then, they will carry out a fresh consultation where the public and relevant bodies will have a second opportunity to submit their feedback. Following this, a detailed plan can be put in place; Hasselbacken can apply for planning permission and the project can get underway.

Illustration vision Nya Hasselbacken
An illustration of the view of Hasselbacken from Djurgårdsvägen as part of Vision Hasselbacken
Illustration vision Hasselbacken
Outdoor environment illustration for Vision Hasselbacken

Hasselbacken’s vision is to preserve important cultural values (11.4)

The expansion of Hasselbacken contributes to sustainable economic development (8.1)