All-electric boats make a splash at Djurgården

Maritime Museum hosts all-electric boat show

Djurgården may be deep-rooted in history, but we also want to be involved in building the future. With that notion in mind, the Maritime Museum was a clear choice when it came to hosting Sweden’s first all-electric boat show in 2019. The museum recognised the need to highlight the potential of electric boats as part of the necessary transition to fossil-free boating. Thus, the museum, Royal Djurgården Administration and Royal Djurgården Society came together to arrange an all-electric boat show.

Sun, wind and water

In Sweden, we often use small boats for short trips during the summer (when solar panels work best). As recreational boats are often driven in areas sensitive to noise disturbances and carbon emissions, electric boats offer many environmental benefits compared to internal combustion engines.

A boat show for young and old

Through the electric boat show, the Maritime Museum was able to attract a whole host of industry experts and representatives. In turn, this meant that visitors had as clear a picture as possible about the benefits of electric boats. It was also a great opportunity to focus on sustainability issues; on how we and future generations can enjoy a sustainable boating life. The show took place during a weekend in May 2019. Visitors were able to explore the exhibition, listen to lectures or build their own solar-powered boats. The electric boat industry’s manufacturers and suppliers were on site to show what they had to offer and even offered test rides.

The development of all-electric boats has come a long way and is progressing fast. In 2020, the ‘Allt för sjön’ boat show featured several electric boats. We look forward to seeing more electric boats gliding silently around Djurgården’s waters in the near future.

Electric boats reduce marine pollution (14.1)

They reduce the city’s noise and carbon emissions (11.6)

The Maritime Museum’s electric boat show highlighted sustainable innovation (9.4)

Solar cells increase the share of renewable energy (7.2)