Djurgården winner at Green Destinations Top 100 Story Awards

In competition with 100 top candidates worldwide, Royal Djurgården Society has been awarded with the Green Destinations Story Awards for their strategic coworking methods and sustainable leadership at the ITB fair in Berlin.

In September, the Royal Djurgården Society made it onto the international list Green Destinations Top 100 Sustainability Stories and was then nominated for the Green Destinations Story Awards. On March 7, they won first prize for their joint long-term and strategic way of working in the Business and Marketing category at the ITB fair in Berlin. In second and third place came Alberta Southwest, Canada and the Region of Istra, Croatia.

– Together with our 60 attractions on Djurgården, we have worked strategically and practically for 6 years to improve and inspire each other to sustainably develop Djurgården as a visitor destination. The fact that we are now highlighted as an inspiration for others, among 100 of the world’s committed destinations, feels fantastic. It gives us strength going forward, says Camilla Zedendahl, CEO of the Royal Djurgården Society.

Djurgården is praised for the joint efforts

The jury, which consists of international experts, has reviewed, and ranked the nominated stories. From the motivation: The Royal Djurgården Society “managed to join forces to form a dedicated sustainability team – to collectively tackle sustainability challenges”.

Green Destinations Top 100 Sustainability Stories is an annual competition that collects and celebrates sustainable tourism initiatives and good practices from destinations. The goal is to inspire sustainable leadership in the hospitality industry worldwide.

On site in Berlin were Olga Starling from Skansen and Mathias Andersson from the Vasa Museum, who accepted the award on behalf of the entire Djurgården.

The win shows that joint sustainability work can inspire. This is through Djurgården’s strategic and long-term way of working, where you go from word to action to reach jointly adopted sustainability goals together. The work, which is full of both challenges and solutions, shows the power of working together for a strong and long-term sustainable development on Djurgården.

Through the long-term collaboration that the Royal Djurgården Society has established, the sustainability work is driven forward and receives international attention. (17.17)