New experience arena will inspire future generations

It won’t be long before it will be time to visit the Tekniska museet’s courtyard here at Djurgården. In February 2022 it was the sod-turning ceremony for Stockholm’s new signature building Wisdome: an arena for innovation and research that will inspire creative thoughts and ideas. Now, the giant tent covering this unique building project is being removed. Tekniska museet is home to exhibitions on some of the greatest innovations in history. And this addition fits right in.

The museum has always been an arena for testing ideas, experimenting and discovering solutions. The new experience arena will complement Tekniska museet’s existing range of experiences. The 2000 square metre expansion is the museum’s biggest investment since it opened almost 100 years ago. It will house a dome theatre with world-class visualisation technology, which turns science and research data into immersive experiences. In addition to the dome theatre itself, they are developing interactive stations and labs for children and adults.

New perspectives encourage innovation

To find new solutions, we sometimes need to look at the world from a different perspective; whether we’re talking about solving global challenges or making it easier to go green with everyday choices. It might be a case of travelling to another part of the world, meeting someone with opposite opinions or a sudden insight into how things are connected that causes the pieces of the puzzle to fall into place.

Through the new visualisation arena, Tekniska museet – along with Sweden’s five leading science centres – will offer visitors the chance to travel further, deeper and closer than they’ve ever been before. The arena will offer innovation experiences and provide the perspectives needed to come up with new and creative solutions.

Sustainability, hi-tech and hyper innovation – made entirely of wood

Tekniska museet’s high-tech arena will breathe innovation, from the experience inside the dome all the way to the architectural design. The architectural firm, Elding Oscarson, has designed a building that puts building materials and constructions to the test. The vaulted ceiling is supported entirely without columns. It uses a technology that is currently only found in a few buildings around the world.

Innovation is the future, and wood is the future of building materials. Using wood as a building material makes for less transportation, a quieter environment and a more comfortable atmosphere. But above all, it makes the building more climate-smart. This is because as trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and provide us with clean air. This locks the CO2 into the wood for the remainder of its life. This is why Tekniska museet has initiated a partnership with Stora Enso, who will deliver wood products that can be used in a sustainable and innovative way. This will ensure that the building becomes a landmark in the Royal National City Park.

The new arena will be a part of the new, sustainable Djurgården

A lot has happened since Djurgården first established itself as a place for recreation and cultural experiences. A growing Stockholm is increasingly influencing new investments in restaurants, sculpture parks and art exhibitions. The experience arena will be an important part of the Djurgården of the next generation. Here, sustainability is not only a matter of course, but a tool and driving force for how we meet our visitors and shape our future.

Illustration interiör Wisdome
Illustration of the arena’s interior. Illustration by Elding Oscarsson

The new experience arena is Tekniska’s contribution to a sustainable and inclusive Stockholm (11.3)

The arena is a cross-industry collaboration between Tekniska museet and several different partners (17.17)