Biodiversity in focus at Rosendal’s garden

The concept of biological diversity includes all life on earth. Many research reports show that biological diversity is severely threatened. Pollution, the use of pesticides, deforestation, overfishing and sensitive ecosystems being upset by climate change are some of the reasons. Working to promote biodiversity means working for a landscape with many different natural types, different species and a large genetic variation within species. It is about protecting ecosystems with wild plants, animals, and fungi, but also those with cultivated plants and domesticated animals.

Biodiversity Day

On May 22, Biodiversity Day is celebrated to draw attention to the importance of biological diversity. Today we know that large and lasting efforts are needed to avoid a large mass extinction of species. We also know that biological diversity is closely linked with the climate issue.

Life at Rosendal’s Garden

In connection with Biodiversity Day, Rosendal’s Garden opened a signposted walk through the garden. Through information boards you’ll learn how biodynamic cultivation methods contribute to creating a healthy soil. You can also learn how they work to promote the variety of species in the garden and its surroundings. The walk is the result of the project Life at Rosendal’s Garden. The walk has 11 stops and some of the signs have qr codes leading to short films where the gardeners talk about the work at Rosendal (only in Swedish).

The photo exhibition SURR

In May The photo exhibition SURR* opened. It´s made up by large pictures of pollinators taken by photographer Lena Granefelt. Pollinate Sweden has produced the exhibition. In addition to the photos, there are several tips in the plant shed on what each and every one of us can do. How to invite life at home in the garden, on the balcony, terrace or in the courtyard.

*surr is what in Swedish is equivalent to buzz in English

The biodynamic cultivation at Rosendal’s Garden contributes to the promotion of biological diversity. They highlight the importance of pollinators in the photo exhibition SURR and show everyone how they can contribute to promoting biodiversity. (15.5)