Start small, think big – and bicycle-friendly

Happier cities

Biking data, biking infrastructure, and a bicycle-friendly Stockholm is on the agenda at Stockholms Handelskammares lunch meeting – and I am all ears. Today they release a really interesting report – in Swedish “vägen till en cykelstad“. Among other things, it talks about missing links and pop-up infrastructure.

Freedom generator

Lucas Harms from the Dutch Cycling Embassy lifts bicycling as a freedom generator – creating happier healthier cities. And the road from car oriented to people oriented in Amsterdam over 50 years.

Trafikborgarråd Lars Strömgren shares his visions for Stockholm and putting resources to achieve this – investing in walking, cycling and public transport. An important transition.

I note Lucas first lesson: start small, but think big. And don’t be afraid to test solutions.

The missing link

We at Royal Djurgården are ready – we have already started. We have a clear vision for the future and we are testing solutions giving us facts, such as that vital infrastructure is lacking. An additional bridge for walking and cycling is key and would increase availability for all, in the long term development of Djurgården och Stockholm. And create a much longed for, and safe, bicycle link from Djurgården and in the city.

Thank you Stockholms Handelskammare for a great initiative.

Camilla Zedendahl

CEO Kungliga Djurgårdens Intressenter / Royal Djurgården Society