Biodiversity and AI

Djurgårdsfrukost at Rosendals Garden

In the end of August we had our regular Djurgårdsfrukost (Djurgården breakfast) event at Rosendal’s Garden. The two main topics of discussion were biodiversity and AI. Therefore, below is a text written by ChatGPT to stay on the subject of Artificial Intelligence and highlight the development.

On Thursday, August 31, 2023, members of KDI gathered for the monthly internal meeting called “Djurgårdsfrukosten”, this time at Rosendals Garden. The theme for the day was biodiversity and artificial intelligence (AI). It was a packed morning that began with a guided tour of the beautiful garden, where the staff shared insights on how biodiversity plays a central role in the garden’s ecosystem.

Biodiversity: The Garden’s Life Pulse

The garden at Rosendal is a living place that breathes biodiversity. During the tour, we learned how different plant species, bees, butterflies, and birds collaborate to create a healthy and lush environment. Our friends at Rosendal also emphasized the importance of preserving biodiversity on our planet and how it affects everything from pollination to ecosystem stability.

Anders Ynnerman on AI and the Future

The keynote speaker for the event was none other than Anders Ynnerman, a prominent AI researcher. With an engaging presentation, he shed light on what artificial intelligence really is and how its development looks in today’s society. Ynnerman also shared insights on how AI technology can help us solve complex problems and improve our society.

This occausion at Rosendals Garden was a morning filled with knowledge and inspiration. The theme of biodiversity and AI highlighted the importance of integrating technology and conservation for a sustainable future.

Thanks to all who participated and made this event so memorable!

Lastly, I would like to repeat what Ynnerman emphasized several times during the lecture. Namely, that AI is a tool that humans create and use to solve various problems and improve different areas of life. It is not a replacement for human thinking. AI systems can be very useful and powerful, but they still depend on people to develop and use them meaningfully. With that said, the text I received was not entirely error-free; often, there were missing contextual connections, which required me to correct certain parts of the content.

/Benjamin Ilehag
trainee, Kungliga Djurgårdens Intressenter, Royal Djurgården Society