We know that if we are to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we need to move in the same direction and collaborate extensively. We work together here at Djurgården, but we are also aware that we do not live in our own bubble. In order to achieve results, we need to reach out beyond Djurgården and work with as many external organisations as we can. Here are some of the organisations we have the privilege and pleasure of working with.

Royal Djurgården Administration

The Royal Djurgården Administration manages the Swedish King’s right of disposition of Royal Djurgården.

Their work involves looking after the nature, protecting our cultural landscapes and ensuring that recreational activities take place in harmony with the natural environment.

The Royal Djurgården Administration is self-financed. Revenues are used to improve Djurgården.

The Royal Djurgården Society and Royal Djurgården Administration work together for the development of Djurgården and focus on sustainable development.

The head of the Royal Djurgården Administration is a co-opted member of the Royal Djurgården Society board.

Royal National City Park

Royal Djurgården is an important part of the world’s first Royal National City Park. The park, which was founded in 1995 and comprises the Ulriksdal, Haga, Brunnsviken and Djurgården areas, is a protected area. The vision for the park is: ‘The Royal National City Park will be an easily accessible area and provide memorable experiences. It will be a place where active knowledge institutions will be developed based on their unique cultural, natural and recreational values’.

The County Administrative Board is tasked with developing the Royal National City Park. The Royal Djurgården Society is represented in the National City Park Council and the County Administrative Board meetings. The Royal Djurgården Society also receives funding from the care and development grant for its sustainability work in accordance with the Djurgården roadmap.

The County Administrative Board and the Royal Djurgården Administration are part of the group responsible for Royal Djurgården Visitor Center, Djurgården’s dedicated tourist office. The Royal Djurgården Society manages the office.

Stockholm Business Region

Stockholm Business Region is the City of Stockholm’s business and destination company. Their task is to develop the city’s position as a sustainable, creative, and inclusive destination primed for visitors and business growth.

Visit Stockholm is the official tourism promotion agency of Stockholm. We work with the international marketing and development of Stockholm as a travel destination under the brand Stockholm – The Capital of Scandinavia. Visit Stockholm is a subsidiary of Stockholm Business Region, owned by the city of Stockholm.

They work closely together with many organizations and attractions within the tourism industry, and run Visit Stockholm – the official visitors guide to Stockholm.

Djurgården is home to many of Stockholm’s main attractions and Djurgården is an important part of Stockholm’s tourism industry. The Royal Djurgården Society works closely with Visit Stockholm on marketing and development, based on a common approach focused on sustainability.

Stockholm Business Regioins’s Deputy CEO is a co-opted member of the Royal Djurgården Society board.

Visit Sweden

Visit Sweden is Sweden’s marketing company. Through world-class marketing, they bring tourists to Sweden. Sustainability has been a focal point for their marketing for some time.

Djurgården is Scandinavia’s #1 attraction and an important part of Sweden’s tourism industry. Therefore, working together with Visit Sweden is a no-brainer. In recent years, they have been focusing on promoting Sweden as a sustainable destination.

The Royal Djurgården Society’s CEO is a member of the board that provides input to Visit Sweden’s operations.

Stockholm LGBT

Stockholm LGBT is the city’s rainbow family of LGBTQ+ friendly travel businesses. A membership-based network of hotels, restaurants, attractions and other partners who are committed to upholding Stockholm’s reputation as one of the most diverse and inclusive cities in the world.

They showcase the city of Stockholm as a truly open city and a welcoming holiday destination, not just for the LGBTQ community, but for all. For their member organisations, their goal is to market and promote them to a global community of LGBTQ travellers and to increase their profile and the awareness of their services, to this valuable consumer segment in key target markets.

The Royal Djurgården Society has been working with Stockholm LGBT ever since it started.

Håll Sverige Rent

Håll Sverige Rent (Keep Sweden Clean)’s vision is for no littering. Everything they do aims to bring Sweden closer to this vision, through short-term campaigns to long-term projects. Their key values are commitment, knowledge and working together, which in turn shape their work, message and brand identity.

Djurgården should be clean, tidy, safe and secure. So, you could call this a natural collaboration. Over the years, we have arranged litter-picking days and underwater clean-up dives together. But perhaps most importantly, Håll Sverige Rent has contributed knowledge as part of our shared commitment for a clean and tidy Djurgården.

Fossil Free Sweden

Fossil Free Sweden is working to increase the pace of the climate transition. It was initiated by the Swedish government in 2015 ahead of the major UN climate conference in Paris. Fossil Free Sweden brings together companies, municipalities, regions and organisations that want to contribute to making Sweden the first fossil-free welfare state in the world.

Fossil Free Sweden has a unique role and positions itself between trade and politics in the form of various department and parliamentary parties. Its mission is to create a common approach so as to accelerate Sweden’s transition to a fossil-free welfare state.

In 2018, representatives from Fossil Free Sweden and Agenda 2030 took part in a workshop. In 2019, an open letter was sent to Region Stockholm calling for Djurgården ferries to become all-electric. In spring 2021, Fossil Free Sweden’s National Coordinator, Svante Axelsson, met Djurgården’s representatives at a virtual breakfast.

Nätverket Hållbar Besöksnäring

Nätverket Hållbar Besöksnäring (The Sustainable Tourism Network) is a network that seeks to inspire, educate and support leaders to accelerate the transition of the hospitality industry to a more sustainable industry. The Sustainable Tourism Network’s definition of sustainability is science-based (as per the Natural Step framework). It takes a holistic approach whereby the meetings and events industry becomes a part of the solution to a sustainable society.

The Royal Djurgården Society is a member of the network, and together we have arranged Bar Camps events at Djurgården.

Rena botten

Rena botten’s volunteer projects bring together divers, municipalities and others to pick up litter found in the sea. These events draw attention to the problems, and those who participate develop as divers and make an important contribution to the environment and archipelago life.

Over a period of two years, the Royal Djurgården Society has carried out two underwater clean-up dives at Djurgården together with Rena botten. The next clean-up dive is planned for June 2021.