Your visit

A warm welcome to Royal Djurgården, Scandinavia’s #1 attraction. A place where you can come for exciting, educational and inspiring experiences, Michelin star meals and cosy cafés. And with two hotels to choose from, you can stay for as long as you want. To find out more about where your visit to Royal Djurgården can take you, go to We all look forward to welcoming you to Djurgården.

A sustainable visit

Here at Djurgården, we are passionate about tackling today’s most important questions, thoughts and ideas. It is a long-lasting tradition, which began when Djurgården hosted the Stockholm World Fair in 1897. Back then, people felt positive about the future, largely due to industrialism. Today, one of the burning questions is how we can change to a lifestyle that is both enjoyable and sustainable. The tourism and hospitality industry are committed to making this possible. How can we, as a place with over 15 million visitors each year, contribute to sustainable tourism and to a more sustainable society?

Working with you for a sustainable Djurgården – our tips

Part of our sustainability work is the interaction between us as hosts and you as a guest. Together, we can make a difference so that Djurgården can be an open and welcoming place for many generations to come. We want to make it easy for you to make your visit to us sustainable. Here are some of our tips! 

Learn something new

Here at Djurgården, you’ll find creative and interactive exhibitions highlighting issues that affect humans, our existence and the earth we live on. Our exhibitions and programs raise questions about the past, present and future. Visit our events calendar for all current exhibitions about sustainability.

Eat well

It goes without saying that food is one of life’s greatest joys. But food can also be damaging to both our health and the environment, something that around 30 of Djurgården’s restaurants work together to counteract. A sustainable food culture is one of our four focus areas, where we work to reduce food waste and plastic use. You can also be a part of our work for a sustainable food culture. For example, you can:

• Eat everything on your plate, or ask for a smaller portion when you order
• Use as few single-use items as you can, such as paper napkins
• Choose the vegetarian option
• Drink tap water instead of bottled water
•Bring your own cup if you are thinking of getting a takeaway coffee. Several of our
restaurants will give you a discount on your hot drink if you bring your own cup

Come as you are and leave your car at home

Djurgården is 2.5km from Sergels Torg in central Stockholm. The easiest ways to get here are by foot, taking public transport (bus, boat or tram) or cycling. If you take the ferry, you can also bring your bike on board.

Maybe you have travelled far and want to offset your emissions? Then we recommend you to use ZeroMissions or the UN:s carbon footprint calculator.

Ditch the plastic – we do

At Djurgården, we have a policy for phasing out single-use plastic and reducing our use of other single-use materials. You can help us by doing the same and choosing reusable materials instead.

Discover Djurgården all year around

Many people only think of Djurgården as a wonderful place to visit during the summer. Why not come and visit us when it’s a little quieter? The vast majority of our attractions are open all year round, so you’ll still get to experience exciting exhibitions and enjoy delicious food during the autumn, winter and spring. Plus, the nature is actually at its most beautiful during the autumn and spring!

Show respect

Please be considerate to Djurgården’s animals, people, culture and nature during your visit.

Leave no trace

Take your litter home with you! Seeing bits of packaging left on the ground and overflowing bins makes no one happy, least of all the environment. Always leave the area at least as clean as when you arrived. There are bins provided for sorting your litter.

Let us know what you think

We know everyone says this, but we genuinely ARE interested in hearing about your visit to Djurgården. We’d love to hear your thoughts on how our sustainability work works in practice — your feedback helps us to improve. The easiest way to get in touch is by emailing or coming by our tourist office, Royal Djurgården Visitor Center, located just after Djurgården Bridge.


Royal Djurgården is one of the most quintessentially Swedish places you can visit. This unique island is where you can celebrate national holidays, like the Swedish National Day on 6th June, Midsummer and New Year’s Eve. The people of Stockholm spend lots of their leisure time here visiting the many museums or the popular amusement park, and enjoying excellent food in any of the 30+ restaurants. It is also the place where you can experience Swedish music phenomenons like ABBA, sing-alongs, world-famous artists in concert as well as art. Royal Djurgården’s art galleries are loved by many. So, join in.