Staff at Royal Djurgården’s gift shops take part in sustainability training day

Djurgården is brimming with shops, many of which are museum gift shops. For us, it is important that the products our shops are selling bring joy to those who buy or receive them. But also that they are produced in an environmentally-friendly way and under decent working conditions. Our values are promises that we strive to fulfil. With growing consumer markets continuing to grow all over the world, we think it is important that the buyers and staff at Djurgården’s shops have an insight into how products are manufactured.

Another step in our sustainability journey

The Royal Djurgården Society arranged a training day for the staff working at Djurgården’s shops. The Swedish Chemicals Agency ran the training day, which took place in November 2019. The Maritime Museum hosted the event, which featured in-depth presentations from several Swedish regulatory bodies. The aim of the day was to provide everyone with a better understanding about which laws and regulations apply to different types of products and how to check that these are complied with.

This training day was an important part of Royal Djurgården’s journey to do business sustainably. And this includes having products for sale that we stand for. We have a responsibility to influence the supply chain and constantly demand improvements to the products we buy and sell.

The training day highlighted the importance of decent and fair working conditions for suppliers (8.8)

It showed the importance of being aware of the laws and regulations regarding the use of chemicals (12.4)

Djurgården’s shops took part in a group training day (17.17)