Everything deserves a second chance

What should we do with all our litter? Reducing our use of the earth’s resources is definitely something we need to do together. If everyone in the world lived as we do in Sweden, we would need about four more globes. But since we only have one, it is important that we recognise that everything deserves a second, third or even fourth chance.

An historic second chance

At Djurgården, this is nothing new. For example, after the Stockholm World Fair in 1897, many buildings were removed and given a new life elsewhere. Take Villa Björkudden, for example, which is now a summer house on the island of Tynningö in the Stockholm Archipelago. The house was originally built as an administration building for the fair, and was transported to its current home by barge.

Today’s second chance

Today, there are many of us here at Djurgården who are constantly on the lookout for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We reduce, re-use and recycle. These are some examples of what some of our attractions are doing, and we hope that it will inspire more people to do the same! Rosendal’s Garden uses Skansen’s animal manure for their compost. Meanwhile Gröna Lund’s restaurants reuse one other’s leftover ingredients as part of their ’Upcycle Challenge’.

The National Sports Museum and the Thiel Gallery give dismantled materials from previous productions and exhibitions a new lease of life by using them in new ones. Nordiska museet, Tekniska museet, Parkteatern and Liljevalchs are all members of Materialmagasinet. This is a network where leftover props and building materials are shared between different cultural institutions, rather than going to waste. Tekniska by Pontus has invested in a soil machine that makes nutrient-rich soil from food waste. The restaurant also buys its milk directly from the farm, so they don’t have any packaging to sort or throw away. Café Monika Ahlberg is part of the Karma app, which stops unsold food from going to waste.

We should only recycle something if there is no longer any use for it. In order for recycling to be effective, we need to sort materials need as thoroughly as possible. Rosendal’s Garden sort their waste into more than 20 different categories – we think that’s pretty impressive to say the least.

Did you know…? Sweden is ranked number 14 out of 28 European countries for its circular economy score. As in, how well we re-use, recycle and reduce landfill waste. Come on Sweden, we can do better than that!

Sopsortering, återbruk och återvinning är viktiga delar inom hållbar konsumtion och produktion (12.3,5)

Djurgårdens aktörer agerar för att minska sitt klimatavtryck genom att införa sopsortering, återbruk och återvinning (13.2)

Djurgårdens aktörer ingår samarbeten för att främja återbruk och återvinning (17.17)