Fewer visitors – to increase availability to more

With an aim to reduce crowding and slow down the pace, the National Museum of Science and Technology, invites you to extra accessible days called Funkis days. During eight Wednesday mornings in 2023, the number of visitors will be limited. These days more staff will be on site in the museum’s most popular exhibition MegaMind. Everything to give more opportunities for great experiences.

In MegaMind’s almost 50 stations, young people can explore and experiment to come up with new smart ideas. How do you get a good idea? And how can it turn into something real that more people can use? The museum wants to give all children the opportunity to think about that by increasing accessibility.

– We know that the National Museum of Science and Technology, just like other popular cultural attractions, is experienced by many as busy with lots of visitors. Sensory impressions and an intense pace that makes it difficult for them to take part in the experience. The museum must be a place for everyone. One way to do this is to offer times with fewer visitors in our most popular exhibition MegaMind, says Maria Olsson, head of the Learning department at the National Museum of Science and Technology.

Funkis for accessibility

MegaMind exhibition. Photo: Anna Gerdén

Many people with functional variations choose not to take part in the city’s cultural offerings. Therefore, it is important to remove as many obstacles as possible. With Funkis days, the Museum wants to create better conditions, especially for people with cognitive functional variations.

The last Wednesday of each month during the school terms is now labelled Funkis Wednesday at the museum. All visits to MegaMind must be booked in advance during these times. Funkis Wednesdays can be booked for groups or school classes where one or more out of the group needs an extra leisurely pace.

Funkis Wednesdays at Tekniska 2023: February 22, March 29, April 26 and August 30 and during the autumn September 27, October 25 and November 29.

Through its Funkis days, National Museum of Science and Technology works to ensure that those with disabilities are included in social life and have better access to the cultural offerings in Stockholm (10.2).