National Collaboration for the Future

Sharing and transferring knowledge is a central task for the many museums at Royal Djurgården, and so is collaboration. With the government’s recent political decision to strengthen Sweden as an engineering nation, the Museum of Science and Technology and Technology Companies are initiating a multi-year collaboration to encourage more young people to envision a future within the field of technology.

Sweden – a nation of engineers

Sweden has a long history as a nation of engineers. But now the shortage of engineers poses a barrier that could impede the green transition. This summer, the government announced a shift in education policy with a greater focus on STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. A national strategy is now being developed.

We face significant challenges related to climate, sustainability, inclusivity, and workforce development. These challenges need to be met with new ideas, innovations, and new generations of problem solvers. However, the issues we confront are complex and challenging to comprehend. It’s difficult for individuals to see themselves as part of the solution.

“By involving young people in problem-solving related to their own future, we want to collectively change the perception of what technology is and make technology the most enjoyable subject in school,” says Peter Skogh, Director of the Museum of Science and Technology.

Wisdome Stockholm – world-leading visualization technology

An important part of this collaboration is the new Wisdome Stockholm, which will open at the Museum of Science and Technology later this autumn. With world-leading technology for visualizing science, immersive interactive 3D experiences are created. This enables understanding of everything from the vast distances in space to the smallest building blocks of the universe, comprehending timeframes from millions of years to a thousandth of a second, and making the complex both easier and more enjoyable to grasp. As a network of five domes across the country, Wisdome is intended to serve as an educational resource and a tool for schools alongside classroom instruction. “Wisdome Stockholm is far more than entertainment; it is a key to educating the next generation of problem solvers and innovators through joyful learning. The development of this collaboration is ongoing, and already in the next academic year, we hope to roll out the initiative to schools nationwide. It’s clear that it will be accessible to many and will contain a wealth of exciting technology,” says Maria Olsson, Head of Learning at the Museum of Science and Technology

With the world-leading technology for visualizing science, Wisdome Stockholm provides conditions for joyful learning. (4.7)

By converting residual masses from the expansion of Stockholm’s subway into a local resource, the project uses a holistic view for urban planning. (11.6)