When Djurgården is the most happening, we welcome everyone – except cars

During 2-7 June, there is a lot is going on in Stockholm and on Djurgården. National Day celebrations
at Skansen, concerts at Gröna Lund, Stockholm Marathon, the Marina turns 500 years and much

When many people want to visit, we must think traffic-smart

Djurgården is an island and with only one bridge and one road leading into the Event Park, we know
that it only takes a few cars to risk clogging up both the entrance and exit along Djurgårdsvägen. We
have therefore, together with the City of Stockholm, decided to close the bridge, Djurgårdsbron, for
public car traffic on a trial basis during these days. We prioritize and provide more space for walking,
cycling and all types of public transport, to be able to give our visitors a more accessible and
wonderful Djurgården.

Closed car parks will give room to other things

Without cars, parking spaces within the Event Park can allow space for other things and provide
opportunities for new experiences at Djurgården. For example, the car park at Junibacken will
become a cycling school for children with the acclaimed art installation Tipping Point next door, an
initiative from Liljevalch’s art gallery. Outside Nordiska museet, everyone is invited to help turn the
car park into a magical summer meadow using street crayons.

These car parks are closed and provide space for other things:

The traffic-smart test week is part of a larger plan to focus on improved infrastructure, a new bridge
for pedestrians and bicyclists as well as increased public transport, where the car will have to stand
back and make room for people.

Public transport during the period 2-7 June

During the test week, public transport is scheduled to run more often, to enable everyone to come
here. With so many wonderful events in the city, traffic will be affected in general. But remember
that there are no queues on the water, so feel free to choose the ferry or underground
transportation. Extra buses will also run from Karlaplan to Djurgården, for those who do not want to

Our tip is to plan your trip, keep track in the SL app and allow for some extra travel time. But we
promise it will be worth the trip. There is a party in town, and you are invited.