Download the Bzzt app and take an ‘elpodd’ to Djurgården

Did you know that you can download the Bzzt app and take an ‘elpodd’ to Djurgården? Electric pods are three-wheeled pods that run entirely on environmentally friendly electricity.

We are working towards a car-free and fossil-free Djurgården. Therefore, we always recommend that you walk or cycle here if you can. However, we understand that you might need to take a taxi, so why not take an electric taxi? With the Bzzt app, you can be sure that the taxi that picks you up and takes you to Djurgården will be electric. The small pods only use 15% of the energy required for a standard taxi. Also, they take up a third of the space (they fit two passengers).
So, if you aren’t able to get here on foot or by bike, make sure to check out the Bzzt map to see where it can take you.

Djurgården’s attractions recommend using electric transport to help reduce the city’s environmental impact (11.2)

Elpodd reduce CO2 emissions (13.2)