The Baltic Sea Science Center gives an insight into life under the sea

The Baltic Sea’s problems are common knowledge. But perhaps the Baltic Sea Science Center at Skansen, Djurgården, can be a piece of the puzzle that reverses the trend. The information centre, which opened in 2019, welcomes the public, schools and science. You can read more about the centre below.

The grand opening!

The Baltic Sea Science Center opened its doors on 12th April 2019. Since 2015, Skansen and BalticSea2020 had been working together to protect the future of the Baltic Sea. They soon came up with the idea of having an information centre that could host interactive exhibitions. It gives the public the opportunity to go ‘under the sea’ via giant aquariums. In addition, there are education centres with labs for school groups.

A unique blend of fresh and salt water

The Baltic Sea is a unique inland sea. The mixture of freshwater and salt water makes for a unique body of water, which can’t be found anywhere else in the world. The freshwater from the main body of water mixes with the salt water from the Atlantic. This creates a difficult environment that only certain plants and animals can survive in. Moreover, the Baltic Sea is a local environment for over 90 million people. Over time, problems with overfertilisation, intensive fish farming and environmental toxins have become increasingly serious. Shared information, political decisions and cooperation between organisations and the public are needed to reverse the trend.

Working together to make a difference

The Baltic Sea Science Center works with representatives from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Stockholm University and BalticSea2020. The cooperation of these groups guarantees that all the information on display is based on facts and continuously updated. The team is still active, and is responsible for external monitoring and working closely with the research community. Other national and international stakeholders are also involved. The aim is to have a world-class educational centre. It gives visitors an insight into what is under the Baltic Sea and what we can do to solve it.
Admission to the Baltic Sea Science Center is included in your Skansen admission. The Center is partially open to the general public, with the classrooms and laboratories reserved for pre-booked school groups.

The Baltic Sea Science Center belongs to a partnership that promotes the protection of the Baltic Sea (17.17)

It promotes scientific knowledge and research that contributes to healthier seas (14.A)

The Center increases public awareness about sustainable lifestyles (12.8)

The Baltic Science Center educates people about sustainable lifestyles (4.7)