Liljevalchs +: A project bringing the old Liljevalchs into the future

We are building for the future, or rather, we are bringing the ”old Liljevalchs” into the future. The new building will mean we can put on more exhibitions – big and small. It will also improve security, be more environmentally friendly and enable us to open a new shop and café/restaurant. Through Liljevalchs+, we will be able to always be open for Stockholmers and visitors.

We also hope to be able to increase our annual visitor capacity from 150,000 to 250,000. In short, we will be an attraction on a par with our neighbours: Gröna Lund, Skansen and ABBA The Museum.

Respecting our surroundings

On southern Djurgården, the focus is on our visitors. We see Liljevalchs+ as Liljevalchs’ ”heel”, given that the new building and square will back on to Liljevalchs. Liljevalchs+ will replace a small car park. Therefore, it is also a symbolic gesture to show that we want Djurgården to be car-free.

Sustainability is the focus of everything we do. In this instance, the focus is on cultural sustainability. Moreover, we want to create something that our visitors can enjoy and get something out of; there will be something for everyone.

Illustration av Liljevalchs+ bredvid Liljevalchs
Illustration of the new Liljevalchs+ next to the historic art gallery from 1916. Illustration: Wingårdhs
Illustration av konstsal inne i Liljevalchs+
Illustration of art gallery inside Liljevalchs+. Illustration: Wingårdhs

Liljevalchs expansion will create a safe and secure workplace and contribute to sustainable economic growth (8.1,2,8)

The new building will be the perfect location for hosting art exhibitions, which will help to protect our important cultural heritage (11.4)