Sport & Sápmi exhibition at the National Sports Museum

This article was first published at Royaldjurgården.se 20291025

Not long ago in October 2019, the National Sports Museum opened an exhibition called ‘Sport and Sápmi’. The inauguration of the exhibition was accompanied by some introductory words from Museum Director Pernilla Klingofström. There were also speeches from Exhibition Curator Gunilla Stillström; State Secretary to the Minister for Culture and Democracy Helene Öberg; and the Minister responsible for Sports Amanda Lind.

In the exhibition you can see the different types of tools used for Sami games. You can also learn about the interesting history of Sami sports and how they have developed over time – plus much more.
So, what is Sami sport exactly? It varies from activities that have a connection to the traditional Sami way of life, such as lasso throwing or reindeer herding, to sports events where the participants identify themselves as Sami, at the Sami Championships, for example. Participants might also choose to represent Sápmi (Sami country) in traditional Sami sports or modern Western sports.

The history of Sami sport is still relatively unknown today. This exhibition gives an insight into the function and meaning of sport in Sápmi. There is something for the whole family; children can read Sami fairy tales, play Sami board games and more.
Don’t miss this exciting and informative exhibition at the National Sports Museum!

The exhibition increases awareness of the Sami culture, thereby promoting the inclusion of Sami culture (10.2)

It provides an insight into the function and importance of sport in Sápmi