5G-powered self-driving, electric minibus makes its debut at Royal Djurgården

Djurgården has always been a place for innovation. In autumn 2020, the public transport of the future made its debut here at Royal Djurgården: a 5G-powered, self-driving, electric minibus. Thanks to its 5G connection, the vehicle can be handled and monitored via a control tower. This will contribute to more sustainable, efficient and faster travel in the future.

Visitors had the chance to try out the public transport of the future!

Anyone who wanted to was able to try it out – including Prince Daniel. Due to the pandemic, only one group could go round at one time and the vehicle was cleaned regularly.

The project was coordinated by Urban ICT Arena, which is part of Kista Science City AB. Keolis was a key partner for us. Intel, Ericsson, T-Engineering and Telia also participated in the project.

Projektet fokuserar på hållbara innovationer (9.4)

The project promotes the idea that cities should reduce their environmental impact in terms of emissions and noise (11.2,6)

All-electric transport contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions (13.2)

Djurgården’s attractions are working with international organisations to build the transport of the future (17.17)

The project highlightes sustainable innovations (9.4)