Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Many of Stockholm’s main attractions are situated on the island of Royal Djurgården. Millions of visitors come here every year and many of them visit the southern part of the island called the Event Park. But with only one bridge and one road leading to the Event Park in combination with lots of big events attracting large number of visitors, we know that the risk of this wonderful island being blocked by traffic jams is great – or more correctly it will be a consequence. We decided that it is time to be brave and test new solutions, to simply think traffic-smart. Well, it’s not that simple. The question of how to create an accessible Djurgården for everyone has been discussed for decades. But equipped with knowledge from a recent traffic inquiry, we have taken on the task. For six months, Royal Djurgården Society and Royal Djurgården’s administration have worked out some solutions together with the City of Stockholm and the Swedish Transport Administration.

Now the time has come to test prioritizing cycling, pedestrians, and public transport to Djurgården for a week – at the same time as we ask everyone to leave the car at home, or to park outside Djurgården. The only bridge to the Event Park is closed to private car traffic and car parks are being converted into experience areas.

Why? To make room for everyone.

And now all of us working here are chipping in. At a meeting with our traffic group – where all traffic types that take visitors to Djurgården are represented, the Djurgården ferry representative raised his hand and offered to run four ferry trips instead of two during the period, hence doubling the capacity on water. An invaluable contribution to the test week.

As a result of the experiment the asphalt is allowed to bloom outside Nordiska Museet and children have a place to learn to cycle at Galärvarvet’s car park with the help of Sthlm Bike. During the week, Djurgården also offers a jam-packed program with the Swedish Navy celebrating 500 years, art installations, Gröna Lund’s many concerts, Skansen’s National Day celebrations and much more.

We are testing now – and hope that everyone can arrive just fine.

Let us know if you have any thoughts or want to tell us about your experience of a traffic-smart Djurgården.

/ Camilla Zedendahl,

CEO of the Royal Djurgården Society

ps. practical information about the traffic-smart test week can be found here. ds.