What lies beneath the surface?

Underwater clean-up dives at Djurgården

Since 2019, we have been carrying out underwater clean-up dives here at Djurgården. We work together with the Swedish non-profit organisation, ‘Rena Botten’, to take action against littering in our waters. Anyone can come along and follow the divers’ work – and even participate. In 2019, we cleaned the area below the Vasa Museum and Junibacken. In summer 2020, we dived below the surface by the Maritime Museum to see what was hiding underneath. We hope to arrange another clean-up dive for 2021.

Just because we can’t see the rubbish, that doesn’t mean it’s not there. There is far too much rubbish in our oceans which we don’t see, but which affects our waters and the animals that live there.

A clean and tidy Djurgården is a matter of course

“We all work together when it comes to sustainability at Djurgården, and a clean and tidy Djurgården is a matter of course. Last year we took it upon us to actively reduce littering. Through doing underwater clean-up dives, we want to show where so much rubbish ends up: in the Baltic Sea. It’s a small step, but still an important part of our journey to reduce littering. We hope that lots of people will continue to follow our work and see what we find”, says the Royal Djurgården Society’s CEO Camilla Zedendahl.

Ongoing diving for underwater clean-up at Djurgården.

Everyone can get involved!

The work towards a clean and tidy Djurgården is carried out by the Royal Djurgården Society, the Royal Djurgården Administration, the Maritime Museum, the Royal National City Park, Rena Botten and Håll Sverige Rent. Håll Sverige Rent (‘Keep Sweden Clean’) is a foundation on a mission to achieve ‘No littering’.

If you’d like to know more about our underwater clean-up dives, or even sign up, contact Camilla Zedendahl on camilla.zedendahl@royaldjurgarden.se or +46 (0)709 906973. Would you like to know more about Rena Botten and/or get involved? Take a look at their Facebook page.

Djurgården works with other organisations to combat litter (17.17)

Through underwater clean-up dives, Djurgården reduces the number of pollutants in the Baltic Sea (14.1)