Time to focus on plastic and single-use items

Here at Djurgården, we want to be at the forefront when it comes to sustainability issues and inspiring others to take action. And it should be easy for our guests to do the right thing. Which is why on 2nd April 2019, 70 people from 30 of Djurgården’s attractions gathered at the Maritime Museum for a sustainability day focused on plastic and single-use items. Everyone agreed that it was time for words to turn into action! Unfortunately, the pandemic has forced us to pause our journey towards phasing out single-use plastic. But as soon as it is safe to do so, we are ready to get going again!

First knowledge…

The day began with a seminar run by inspirational speakers. They shared their knowledge on plastic and the problems that come with it; how plastic impacts animals and nature. Other topics discussed included behavioural patterns when it comes to littering and how to change them as well as alternatives to plastic and single-use items. How can Djurgården go from single-use to reuse?

Then action…

The day concluded with a mini fair where a range of suppliers showcased their products and what they could offer. This included everything from natural, non-toxic plates to durable straws. The outcome was clear: through working together we can help each other to be proactive. It was an incredibly inspiring day for all of us here at Djurgården, and indeed the entire Royal National City Park!

Reducing plastic use promotes sustainable consumption and production and reduces waste (12.5)

Using less plastic reduces plastic pollution in our oceans (14.1)

Djurgården’s attractions are working together to reduce their use of plastic (17.17)