One’s success can turn into success for all through shared knowledge

Sustainability is all about us pulling in the same direction, sharing knowledge, and finding strength in good examples. And then act. We are constantly looking for new inspiration. Yes, we even have a special page here on the site where we collect all the amazing things our colleagues in the industry do.

We especially enjoy being happy with others’ work and cheering each other on – that’s how we move forward.

Therefore, we highlight Max Burgers’ impressive work and their willingness to share knowledge with their entire industry. During the European Foodservice Summit in January in Hamburg, CEO Richard Bergfors presented an offer to competitors in the industry – namely the opportunity to borrow their Chief Sustainability Officer Kaj Török.

We like it!

Read more about the initiative.

/Camilla Zedendahl, CEO of Kungliga Djurgårdens Intressenter (the Royal Djurgården Society)

Photos by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash and MAX Burgers