Bring your own cup for a discount on your coffee

From single-use to reuse

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do at Djurgården, which means taking responsibility and thinking long-term. Among other things, we have decided to act against littering, and for this scheme we have joined Håll Sverige Rent (‘Keep Sweden Clean’).

Bring your own coffee cup

We take small steps together – if you bring your own mug, we give a 10% discount on the coffee. Good for you and good for nature. First up with this are: Restaurant Eld, Junibacken’s restaurant, Mackverket Vrak and Sjöhistoriska Café & Bar, Café Monika Ahlberg, the Vasa museum’s restaurant, and Lilla Hasselbacken.

This is a small step towards what we hope will soon be a litter-free and even more sustainable Djurgården!

Responsible consumption and production

The ‘Bring your own cup’ scheme encourages sustainable use of natural resources and reduces waste (12.2,5)

Life below water

The ‘Bring your own cup’ scheme reduces ocean pollution due to littering (14.1)