The Maritime Museum collaborates with GreenKayak

Since 2021 the Maritime Museum collaborates with GreenKayak this summer to keep Djurgårdsbrunsskanalen clean and at the same time offer a beautiful experience close to nature. You get to rent a kayak for free in exchange for picking upp debris that is floating in the water and post on social media.

GreenKayak have had great success in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Berlin. More than 45 ton of debris has been picked up from the ocean so far. All the plastics and garbage that gets collected, is being weighed and and sorted out. The problem with the plastic in our lakes and seas does not go away over night, but we can all take part and make an effort.

The Maritime Museum which highligts merchant shipping, is now taking part in keeping this beautiful and historic fairway nice and clean, it was build and opened up in 1834. Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen was constructed to make it easier to import vegetabeles, among other things, to Stockholm.

By creating protecting reefs and hard bottoms for vegetation, new habitats are provided for marine life and the resilience of the marine habitat is strengthened. (14.2)

The collaboration supports and sthrenghtens the involvement of the local community in the work of improving the Water and sanitation management, it also helps to protect water related ecosystems. (6:6, 6:b)